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>Unlike it's predecessors which paid 100% daily, causing instant and massive inflation. Crypto Dragon Game pays a modest 10% daily, allowing investors to rest easy knowing that their investments have unlimited growth potential and a maximum, improbable risk of less than 10%.

Verified Public Contract

>The Crypto Dragon Game contract is public, verified and can be viewed here on BSCScan.

Miner Dragons Info

Dragons Miner pays 10% daily, according to the current mining efficiency rate. The mining efficiency rate rises and falls as you and other players hire miners, compound earnigs and pocket BNB.

The object of the game is hiring more miners, sooner and more often than other players. This in turn earns you more BNB faster. Hiring more miners using your daily BNB earnings will 10x your miners within 30 days or less.

Earn 7% of what your referrals deposit using your link: ?